On Getting It On

I support a woman’s right to sex.
Good sex, bad sex, filthy sex, and all the sex in between.
I support your right to have sex with your husband, your boyfriend, or the rando you brought home from the bar that one weekend you were bored. I support your right to have sex in the bedroom, in the bathroom, or in a swing.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I really don’t care.

That’s not to say I endorse a life of filthy swing sex with randos; I’m just saying I support your right to make a lifestyle choice.

I also support the lifestyle choice to use birth control. (Before I hop on this bullet train to comment section Hell, I want to make one thing clear: I’m not Catholic. I was raised Baptist, and I have never been taught that birth control was morally objectionable. I don’t understand the Catholic viewpoint, couldn’t articulate it if you asked me to, and I won’t comment on it. Please don’t tell me I’m going to some version of slut Hell because I’m okay with the Pill.) I think birth control is a wonderful thing. Everyone should have the right to use it if they want to. It’s one penumbra whose emanations I support with an unholy fury. Don’t try and take away my birth control.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing about this, seeing as how the current debate over contraception was 100% manufactured by the progressive wing of the Democrat party. The debate isn’t even about contraception, really…it’s about using Alinsky tactics to manufacture an issue, create baseless outrage, and lampoon anyone who gets in the way of a radical agenda. Mostly, I’m writing this for my friends and colleagues close to home, who seem to have been sucked in to this ridiculous “Republicans are MURDERING WOMEN” mindset that is consistently parroted by the mostly vapid membership of organizations such as Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

I went on a rant today. Maybe it’s because we lost a colleague and friend this weekend, or maybe it’s because I’ve finally reached my breaking point, but this happened (via my Facebook, click for the whole story):

You guys really don’t get it.

It’s not about contraception, or tornadoes, or gay marriage. It’s about the fact that the progressive left has carte blanche to say whatever it pleases, while conservatives can’t so much as disagree without being accused of “hate” or “homophobia” or “sexism” or “racism,” or whatever else is most likely to make a headline.

In the onslaught of comments that followed, I was posed the following question:

My question is how do we counter this? Should our candidates point this out on shows like Meet the Press? Kind of like how Newt went at John King and asked him why the elite media didn’t ask Obama about supporting infanticide once but is all over the contraception nonsense.

The large-scale stuff is tough, especially right now. There’s no doubt that while the progs control the media, they also control the message–the sexy vocabulary that bunches panties and sends people like Rachel Maddow spinning into a dimension of delusional we don’t normally see outside of a College Democrats meeting. Like I’ve said before, issues like these are easier to tackle if you make them personal. And since the dopes on the left see fit to discuss on a national stage what may or may not happen inside my vagina on a daily basis, I’ve decided to make it personal.

As far as Sandra Fluke is concerned…Sandra, I don’t think you’re a slut, or that anyone should call you a slut–mostly because I don’t know if you’re a slut. If you are, in fact, a slut, you shouldn’t be. It’s dirty, and risky, and apparently expensive (though not nearly as expensive as you’d like us to think it is.) Listen to your fellow sister-barrister on this one.

For the conservatives…Sandra Fluke is nobody. She’s a flash-in-the-pan scam artist who will probably, at some point, be thrown under the bus in favor of a more popular narrative. Stop worrying about Sandra Fluke. As far as the rest of it is concerned, this is where we have to be careful with the axe-swinging. I’m not telling you to not swing your axe; I’m just telling you to make judicious use of the blade. The left is very, very good at crafting a narrative, especially when the narrative is on something as emotional and personal as reproductive autonomy. If we want to fight it, we have to be equally talented craftsmen.

The point? Don’t take the bait that’s dangled in front of your face. This whole narrative the left is working with right now is 100% garbage, and the only thing to do with garbage is to throw it out. Get rid of it. We do this by responding to the meat of the argument, not the inflammatory hyperbole these people sprinkle on top as bait.

They’re going to insult you.
They’re going to harass you.
They’re going to blaspheme the name of Jesus, and denigrate Christianity.
And most importantly…

…they’re going to make things up.

This is what they’re best at…regurgitating crap, throwing it against the wall, and making it stick. Ignore the crap. Shun the crap. Pretend the crap doesn’t exist, because while ranting on it might be cathartic, a rant probably won’t endure. The truth will endure. The truth is what’s important, because the truth contains the heart of the conservative message: that everyone, no matter who you are, has the right to be free.

So, how do we counter it? Here’s how I’d do it:

First of all, Griswold v. Connecticut is a thing. Acknowledge that it is a thing, and either move on from it, or address its finer points. Bleating about how you have no idea what a penumbra has to do with the Constitution will not help the cause. It’s been done.

Second, recognize that the left has created this issue to be about sex, which is something that people–whether they be old, young, rich, or poor–are having. All the time. It’s a part of life, and it’s not going away. The people the left is targeting with the sex message are, for the most part, young. They’re young, they’re having the sex, and they’re buying hook, line, and sinker any narrative that has anything to do with old white Christian ministers stealing away their right to have the sex. Sandra Fluke has made this all about a woman’s right to live her life, and that living includes sex. The narrative equates the right to have sex with the right to contraception, and it’s essential to break that connection.

Flog this: having sex is not the same as having protected sex. Having the right to have sex does not lead to a right to free contraception, in the same way that having the right to choose an abortion does not equate to a right to have an abortion. It does not lead to a right to have contraception covered by health insurance, and it certainly doesn’t lead to the need for mandated coverage.

Womanhood is a special state of existence, but these people are turning it into a separate state of existence. They claim to be working under the guise of autonomy and independence and “womynhood,” but what they’re really doing is turning womanhood into something that needs to be validated and subsidized by direct government intervention.

It’s insulting.

I resent having my womanhood–the very core of my existence–co-opted by these Alinskyite bastards. I resent seeing something private and beautiful stripped down and rebuilt with the trappings of leftist feminazi bullshit. You want to have sex? Go have sex. You want to have safe sex? Go pay the $9 Walmart co-pay for the pill. (Yes, some pills, not all.) But don’t you dare sit in front of a Congressional committee and claim that because your university/employer/personal plan doesn’t cover contraception, your rights as a woman are somehow being violated.

It’s time to refuse to let these people have it both ways. Either sex and contraception is something personal and private, or it is synonymous with society and government intervention. Either no one has a right to say what you do with your uterus or your vagina or your whatever, or we choose to allow “national discourse” to dictate our actions. Emphasize this choice. It’s all or nothing. Either we’re allowed to live our lives as we see fit, or we surrender to complete institutional control at the hands of a devolving “national conversation.”

As for me, I’m an honest woman. I don’t need the government or my godforsaken law school to validate my choices.

I don’t want them to; that’s the essence of freedom.

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3 thoughts on “On Getting It On

  1. Liz Thatcher

    I love your point about all or nothing in regards to our personal life. I have found it rather ironic that the same side that whines about the Right wanting to regulate the bedroom in regards to gay marriage is the same side that wants to give out 3K to women for contraceptives… I totally agree with you. It’s either the government is completely OUT of the bedroom INCLUDING subsidizing the costs of your own personal desicions, or it’s not… but you can’t have both.

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

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  3. James Simpson

    Incredibly right on. The Left practices PARTISAN TOLERANCE, a term coined by Frankfurt School acolyte and mentor to Angela Davis, UC San Diego Professor Herbert Marcuse. In his twisted communist mind (yes he was the real thing), leftists would never be taken seriously if free speech were free for all, so he determined that the only way the left would get a fair shake is if non-leftist speech were stifled. He developed the term, the idea and the tactic. It was widely circulated among the Left and is now standard. Scream at us, insult us, change the subject, but never let us say the one thing that will stop them: the truth.


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