Sitting here watching Carney sweat through this briefing, I can’t help but wonder–what does this administration have to hide? He’s taken no less than three tangents trying to bait the press away to a discussion on the economy, and they’re not having it.

As of right now, I’m seeing two possible explanations for this laughably transparent attempt at a coverup: either Barack Obama and his administration screwed up so badly that impeachment would actually be on the table, or they made a deal with someone they shouldn’t have made a deal with. It might be both. It could be neither. The point is, days after a contentious election, this Administration started to get rid of upper-echelon officials who actually know things, and who could actually offer testimony to challenge the Administration’s narrative.

This is serious.


1 thought on “#PetraeusGate

  1. Bill Trombley

    Don’t get side tracked – as serious and as dubious this issue is, the regulations and all out tax war is the true revolution this man will enact! Watch and see Obama impose his ideology – there will be no compromise! Stay close!


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