8 days to go, and what a mess

That moment when you take a bathroom break, accidentally look in the mirror (because no examinee willingly looks in a mirror at this point,) and discover that you’ve got hot pink highlighter smudged on one cheek, there’s a pen stuck in your rat’s nest of a sloppy bun, and that terrified girl staring back?–that’s YOU!

I’m not impressed.barexsatan

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that preparing for the bar exam isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. What an insult. I hate my life right now. It sucks. I have nothing good to say about anything. I’d rather suffer through an entire year of nothing but 1L-style lectures on torts and products liability (and y’all know how I feel about free money under the Total Dumbass Doctrine) than redo these two months.

8 days. I can do this…but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Also, while we’re here, what in the hell is a Harlem Shake? The internet appears to have moved on without me.


2 thoughts on “8 days to go, and what a mess

  1. DDB

    Now I feel kind of bad for saying that so many times in class. That and the line about Monkeys being able to pass the bar if only they study hard enough. (No one ever asks if I’m talking about the animal or the band–why would an animal put itself through the misery of the bar?) I really feel bad about that one. 😉

    But here’s some more pep talk. I know where you fit in the magic statistical chart of bar pass likelihood. Odds are very low that you will not pass, especially given the degree of exhaustion and panic you’re now exhibiting. All the classic signs are there.

    Second, you’ve got the combination of work ethic, intelligence, and determination that will make it happen. Simply, you’re awesome.

    You’ll be in my prayers this week, and please shoot me an email about how it went after you’re done.


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