Boy, why are you crying?


Today, Matt Walsh wrote a wretched blog post about Robin Williams and suicide. The internet exploded, swords were unsheathed, and somewhere out there, someone’s bad day was made that much worse because of it.

In the interest of me not wanting to spend any more of my day defending the helplessness of the depressed and suicidal, I’m going to make short work of this:

There was nothing remotely close to humanity, dignity, or decency in the things Matt Walsh wrote. Don’t trick yourself into believing that you either have to stand on the side of his purported Christianity, or on the side that rejects that Christianity in favor of the emotional void. The truth exists in the bleak middle ground where we accept the horror of suicide, but have enough common decency to recognize that the death of a man–a man, a husband, a father, not a philosophical abstraction–doesn’t exist as some sort of cosmic lesson-for-profit.

Pray for Robin Williams’ family.
Go love each other.


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