meet amy

The best part about owning your own slate is that you can wipe it clean whenever you want.

Lives change. People change. I change.

16 thoughts on “meet amy

  1. Theo White

    Looney Tunes like you make life so interesting. What scares me is there are people that actually believe you

  2. TN_Henne

    You remind me of ‘Q’ from TNG. Only…without the infinite ‘Q’ powers. As a long-time centrist Democrat (still haven’t made the transition) its good to have someone like you on the ‘right’ side. And you like Gin and Tonic. ooo-rah.

  3. fellow law student

    hilarious that you like ‘high fashion’ considering all you wear is worn out, messy lane bryant ‘clothes’ with pizza cheese grease stains. get a flat iron.

    1. Amy Miller Post author

      Please…if I’m eating pizza, the cheese isn’t coming anywhere near my clothes.

      Get a life 🙂

  4. Eli10Fan

    Amy, just came across this blog via a link on Facebook. I’ve been a practicing attorney for over a decade now, but I feel your pain – out of 80 people in my first-year law school section in a liberal northeastern city, there were exactly 6 of us who were conservative (and a couple of those were more on the moderate side to boot). I was a moderate Republican going into law school, but a conservative coming out – chiefly because (1) I realized what a complete farce Roe v. Wade and the “living Constitution theory were, and (2) the repulsive liberal mindset of so many of my fellow students completely turned me off and induced the general rule of thumb that if any of these people argued “x”, then “not x” was probably the correct position. Nice work, good post on the LGBT issue (I share your views completely), and you’re getting follows on Fb and Twitter from me.

  5. Bill

    Amy- just popped in and decided to follow someone else for a change – looking forward to catching up on what I’ve missed and what’s to come! btw, I fare from DC and do love it here, but what city do you refer to above?

  6. Scott Eiland (@scotteiland)

    Hey Amy! It’s Scott. You may remember me as the last of your tweeps still up at the end of your all-nighters. Since you’re the rising star of the righty blogosphere now (and you have been for some time), I thought I’d thank you for all the laughs you brought me through my most trying times. I remain your most enthusiastic fan.

  7. Laura

    Great work, Amy! The fight for freedom is the ultimate fight, and the battle lines are being clearly drawn, from every direction, these days. So, shout it from the mountain tops! (Or, at least from one or two really clever websites!) I’ll look forward to following your posts on a regular basis, and promoting you to all of my friends.


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