Self-Proclaimed “White Guy” Compares Black Tea Partiers to Jewish Concentration Camp Guards

Thus spake Luke Visconti, management consultant and Gaffemaster © at large:

Luke Visconti, owner of DiversityInc, first said on CNN that Tea Party leaders are “leveraging racism” and that they have risen to power with an “anti-black Obama” message.
When the anchor noted that black members are active in the conservative movement, Visconti responded: “There were Jewish concentration guard camps. Weren’t there?”

Real life.
It got even better, once he was asked to elaborate:

He said that black conservatives are going against their own interests in joining the Tea Party, which he described as a “creepy” phenomenon based on “hatred” and “racism.”

“There’s always going to be turncoats or people who behave in a way that’s not beneficial to the majority of the group in order to curry favor,” he said. “Why would Jewish people volunteer to help the Nazis manage concentration camps? … Well, for favors.”

The whole “Tea Partiers are nothing but racist, ignorant, Nazi hypnotists” meme is really starting to get boring. OMGracismOMGitsliketheHolocaustonlywithhillbilliesinsteadofGermansOMG! Yes, alright, we get it. Heil. There you go…can we move on now? The answer is NO; obvious, when you delve into the cesspool that is this man’s blog, “Ask the White Guy”. Go take a peek. I contemplated copying and pasting a few choice passages, but I didn’t want to make anyone throw up.

RedState’s Caleb Howe already penned what is possibly the most important piece to date on politics and racism. Read it. Seriously. Go.

…and we’re back.

The thing that amazes me about Visconti’s little diatribe is that it escapes, yet perfectly meshes with, the politically correct stranglehold on today’s political sphere. Here you have Mr. White Pride himself comparing activist minorities to what he believes were disloyal, covetous fiends, with absolutely no consequences. But comparing Obama to Hitler? Um, that’s an automatic RAAAAACIST© .

As far as I’m concerned, people are people; I think that the vast majority of conservatives like me reading this feel the same way. I don’t start racial dialogue, but I do my best to finish it—especially when jerks like this guy say something so offensive on a basic human level that I have to fight the urge to vomit. What really gets to me, especially now, is the hard reality that my philosophical disagreement with President Obama’s policies automatically makes me a racist, but this deplorable human being can go on in public about traitorous black conservatives panting and scraping after the Tea Party equivalent of Jew gold and be labeled as some sort of race warrior.

While we’re on the subject of hard realities…
Fact: progressives do not see you as a person.
Fact: progressives see you as a commodity.
Fact: progressives have somehow found a way to have their cake and eat it too. Maybe it’s because they control the mainstream media, and thus control the debate (at least for now.) I don’t know. But what I do know is that for all their empathy and compassion and all that crap, they’re awfully good at whipping out the race card and playing it against the very people they purport to protect and defend.

This bait-and-switch is nothing new for those of us who pay attention, but those who have allowed themselves to be spoonfed the old Democrat party line for years are about to have a rude awakening. Let me spell it out, once more, for anyone out there who still feels lost and confused: progressives do not care about you, unless you march in lockstep with the progressive agenda. Put one toe out of line, and you will find yourself lumped in with people like me, or Caleb, or Glenn Beck, or Michelle Malkin, or a million other people who saw the truth, spoke out, and are now being publicly flogged for it.

It’s not fun, but it’s worth it. It’s what we signed up for; our honestly has earned us a place on the scaffold—but if the scaffold is the best, loudest, most public platform available for me to expose the true colors of the progressive, so-called-”racial” agenda, then so be it.

Do your worst, Luke Viscontis of the world. We’re ready.


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