I Will Stand Behind Jan Brewer

First, watch this:

Now, listen to this:

It’s not often you see a politician show emotion while under fire; normally, that’s reserved for the activists and the pundits and the people who don’t have to worry about campaign commercials showing them sobbing into their waffles every 28 seconds. Emotional leaders make people uncomfortable–especially those people who rely solely on soundbites when forming their opinions about hot button issues.

In this case, however, I think Governor Brewer’s obvious anger is a good thing, because it finally shows–if I may be so bold–that Jan Brewer is OVER IT. She’s done the dance, sung the songs, met with the bureaucrats, and what has it gotten her? A pretty lawsuit, and a battalion of Obama’s flying monkeys bearing a friggin’ POWERPOINT presentation.

The situation is so devolved it’s almost comical. On one hand we’ve got the President of the United States throwing together a slideshow basically telling a fellow executive officer to go jump off a bridge; on the other, we’ve got idiot politicians rolling over for the minority vote, and US cities feeling completely comfortable with giving the finger to federal immigration laws. I’m sure if a third hand were involved, it would be using a copy of the Constitution to line the cage of an oil-ravaged pelican. (Won’t somebody think of the pelicans?)

The point is, it’s time to stand behind Jan Brewer. Jan Brewer is not perfect; she will say and do things that you will not agree with. She may say the wrong thing, or let a gaffe fly. This is to be expected–she is human. I’m not advocating giving the woman a free pass, but I am asking you to stand behind her on the issue of illegal immigration.

I say this because right now, Obama is daring Jan Brewer to defy his Administration. If you don’t believe me, watch the video again, and consider the abominable way in which he has treated her. He grimaced his way through the preliminary meetings and press conferences, and now he’s playing his cards, the first of which being his pet lawsuit against the State of Arizona. He controlled the forum, he’s controlling the debate, and now he seeks to control the result.

Standing behind Jan Brewer means standing up in the court of public opinion. It means not keeping your mouth shut when you hear people talking about that disgusting bunch of racist pigs down in Arizona. It might mean losing friends; I personally have lost two over this whole mess, but I’m okay with it if it means that by doing so, I regained little bit of control over the debate.

I firmly believe that Jan Brewer is ready to fight; I will fight with her, because I’d rather go down with this ship than have to look back and admit that I gave up and took orders from a man–nay, a movement–that showed more deference to an angry mob than to the honest efforts of people forced to work alone to contain an ever-growing threat against my country.


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