Something Unexpected from the ACLU

You know, every once in a while these people redeem themselves. Juuuuust a little bit.
Ordering Pizza in 2010

I don’t know about you guys, but I got tense just listening to this. It might sound ridiculous, but after everything that’s been revealed since January, I can see this happening in America. With the amount of rhetoric that’s spun every day by Obama and his goons, it would probably be pretty easy:

In order to fully serve the citizens of this great nation, all service operations will be plugged in to a cross-country grid.

In order to ensure efficiency within the grid, all citizens will be assigned a national ID number. This is mandatory.

In order to fully repair (read: regulate) our struggling economy, all bank card purchases will be tracked.

In order to completely revamp our national health care system, we will require your measurements, a detailed list of your eating habits, and full access to your medical records.

In order to ensure compliance, anyone refusing a national ID number/participation in the services offered within the grid will be subject to property confiscation and reeducation.

Crazy? Of course. Impossible? I think not.

Originally Posted at The Minority Report


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