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Happy birthday, Mr. President…I hardly knew you

Americans for Prosperity has put together a fantastic new ad celebrating Ronald Reagan’s 101st birthday:

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips said, “On Reagan’s birthday, I can’t help but miss the President more than ever. His vision for America contrasts so sharply with the big-government waste and cronyism that will be the legacy of the Obama Administration.”

“It’s important to remind ourselves what a terrific difference a great leader can make in this country,” Phillips continued. “President Reagan knew that free market policies would result in millions of new American jobs, exploding personal incomes, with broad-based prosperity and optimism for our nation. However President Obama’s approach is just the opposite – more taxes, more government, and job killing regulations – all in pursuit of his own liberal ideology.”

I don’t have a lot of firsthand memories of Reagan’s presidency–I was just a kid when he was in the White House–but even I can see a stark contrast between then and now. I see no optimism in the Obama White House. I see love of America mocked, and the belief in the power of freedom traded for blind faith in a government you’d have to be a fool to trust.

This election cycle may not give us the opportunity to get back to what we had under Reagan, but it will give us the opportunity to show liberals–both at home and abroad–that there’s not a thing in the world they could promise, mandate, or swindle out of the American people that compares to the vision Reagan had for America.