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Has President Obama earned your vote?

Americans for Prosperity rolled out their newest Expressed Advocacy ad on Tuesday:

I love this. I love its direct tone, and I love its decisive message: No. No, Barack Obama has not earned reelection in 2012.

AFP gets it, people. I’ve harped on this before, and I’ll harp on it again, because it bears repeating: elections are not about reaching a demographic, or a target base, or a specific slice of independent voters. Elections are about speaking to people, and that’s exactly why this ad hits home. The people in the ad aren’t actors; they’re very real, very brave voters who stopped “thinking” with their hearts and finally recognized that everything Barack Obama is selling is based 100% in emotion, rhetoric, and “the way it should be.” This sort of breakthrough is huge for 2012; this sort of breakthrough is what every conservative with a voice should be working day and night for.

This is the battle we can win.

DISCLOSE ALL THE THINGS: This ad run cost $7MM for a week, starting on August 15, and is not part of any individual field campaign. The ad will run in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico.