Idiocy, thy name is “Madonna”

Madonna is, like, super articulate and whatnot:


This is the problem. This is what’s wrong with America. You have a stadium full of people giving validation to the idea that a superficial combination of race and religion, coupled with a marginal interest in politically acceptable levels of gay rights activism, are the keys to a productive presidency. This same idea is the reason the national discussion on “the economy” has been reduced to a screaming match over food stamps, and the reason our President will never be forced to admit that the atrocities committed against the US consulate in Benghazi were the result of a carefully planned and premeditated terrorist attack.

This is how we fall.


1 thought on “Idiocy, thy name is “Madonna”

  1. Bill

    yea, here’s the sad reality, yet peppered with some hope — Madonna, like Colbert, Stewart and many other entertainers are now being elevated to the position of “direct influencers” with serious credibility and real time ability to affect the populace and in turn, the vote. This power has grown, naturally, as the technology has assisted in
    reaching so many more at once, etc…. The sad truth is that now politicians are enacting and emulating the exact same effective tactics, technology and rhetoric with very good (or bad) results. — Read Obama’s ’08 campaign here. Historically politicians have kept these personalities at arms length for fear the voter may rightly associate these whack-jobs too closely with their own agenda, therefore lose credibility………. and now, as truth matters very little; lies and more lies no longer carry a price, and facts are irritants that take too much work and thinking and time to digest – we end up capitulating to the rantings of Madonna and Bill Maher — as with everything else, the fight needs to come from the home, a long shot for sure, but hopeful just the same, because what we create there, we send out into the world – as always, great post Amy!!!


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