This Week in “Progressivism”…

From the party of tolerance this week:

1. Called Mia Love a house nig*er
2. Deliberately cut away from *every* minority-given speech at the RNC
3. Accused Ann Romney of faking MS and cancer
4. Accused ME of “playing the pity card” for exposing actual hatred in the form of threats against my body (which resulted in a Facebook de-friending, something I never bother to do)
5. Couldn’t think of anything awful to say about Mitt Romney’s sons, so started speculation that one of them must be gay (which would apparently be a bad thing that we should mock him for?)
6. Sexually degraded Ann Romney and Janna Ryan
7. Lambasted BeBe for singing at the RNC.
8. Played the #FuckRomney hashtag game, which spiraled into yet more hate and death threats
9. #NegroSpotting (I didn’t think we were allowed to say that…)
10. Dressed up like vaginas and accused thousands of people en masse of advocating for rape and degradation.

So, basically, you guys can shut up with your “tolerance” and your “NOH8” now, because if this is what tolerance looks like, I’ll pass.


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