Helen Thomas Seems to have Forgotten about Something

Like, oh, I dunno…THE HOLOCAUST?!?!?!?!?!

Genocide? What genocide?

Dear Lord, woman! I understand that you’re Helen Thomas, and that you’re 150 years old and as such it’s completely normal for you to have forgetful moments, but really? “Go back to Poland”???? Are you out of your freaking mind?

It seems like many people are afraid to, shall we say, go there–so I’m going to go there. I am going to play the Holocaust card and say that if she thinks it’s appropriate to ship all the Jews back to Poland and Germany–places that hold not-so-distant memories of murder and fear and genocide for millions of people–then it’s also appropriate for the great State of Arizona to scoop up every single illegal immigrant within her borders and unilaterally dump those criminals back on their side of the fence. Also, we should probably send African-Americans back to Africa, Asian-Americans back to Asia, and definitely close the US/Canadian border before the Great Satan of curling and Labatt Blue spreads any further.

The horror.

It’s been said before, and I’ll say it again–this is NOT representative of anti-Israel sentiment. This is anti-Jew. It’s anti-Semitism at its worst, and it’s being ignored. The mainstream media is doing it’s best to turn this into some sort of weird “refugee in my own homeland” Lifetime special, and people are buying it. This is dangerous; the United States is siding itself with those who seek to gain power through the destruction of an entire nation–a nation that used to be one of our closest allies.

At this point, though, Israel might be better off without us.

h/t to The Lid


1 thought on “Helen Thomas Seems to have Forgotten about Something

  1. Menachem

    I wonder if this old bat is of Red Indian blood, if not she should go back where her origins came from.
    Acording to her demented logic, most Americans should go back where they came from and return the land to the Indians.

    On the other hand demented people should be treated as such and not publisize their stupid blubberings


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