h/t to Warner Todd Huston

Is this real life?

Captain America Says Tea Parties are Dangerous and Racist

Facepalm. Whargarbl. ZOMG, WTF, etc. Throw in a little #SNOMG.

I couldn’t really care less whether or not raving liberals call me names; it’s what they do best, and who am I to rob them of one of their few sources of entertainment? This, however, is outrageous: they’re using a cartoon–a kid’s superhero–to influence the court of public opinion against a movement that threatens to crush their destructive “progressive” agenda.

Amazing that a hero who once fought for liberty of speech and expression could flip-flop faster than Olympia Snowe (R-idiculous) faced with health care legislation.

I don’t know what else to say other than, “fight this.” Break taboos–argue about politics. Be a jerk about it if you have to. It’s time to show the left that we mean business. To do anything else is to roll over and allow this garbage to seize the hearts and minds of the American people, and acquiesce to the leftist dream of a lock-stepping zombie populace.


1 thought on “SupeRacist

  1. JadedByPolitics

    I am so very disgusted that a comic book that my son loved is now working AGAINST his mother. The left have finally lost their minds and Marvel has a letter that is extremely NASTY coming from me!


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